Pentangle is a team of independent consultants providing professional Web development (Static, Dynamic, e-Commerce credit card solution), search engine optimization,Online Marketing and 2D animation for Web and TV broadcastng services.

Pentangle sees the internet as a new place for people to do businesses and a website will help in achieving this end. A website on its own without traffic is nothing and provide little or no benfit. But thats not all, it is not just about getting quality traffic to your website, it requires more than this for your website online to be successful. Sales,customer satisfaction and loyalty is the grand determinant. You could increase your chances in achieving the above three if you knew and understood what your visitor wants, their behaviours during their visit on your site and so on and so forth. So its really not about just making a website, its about the whole total online activity relating to a website i.e. building a website, the marketing part, the serving your customer part and the analytics part/ traffi stats is the key to your success online.

Keeping the total package in mind, Pentangle forms its services which is the 5 angles of Online Businesses.

  • Web Development
    A good web development company will not just make a website and does maintenance to it. They must also provide you suggestions and ideas in how to put it to good use. Its not just about making the website its about giving advise as an expert on how things are done.
  • E-commerce
    Commerce done online via a website is no walk in the park. When you connect your website to the credit card payment gateway, your business has to be almost 100% perfect. There is not much room for mistakes. Trust us on this because we’ve experienced it. An e-commerce (b2c) website is not just about building a website, its about other things all at once things like logistics and reverse logistics, Internet merchant accounts, fullfilment, charge back, shipping and packing and alot more.. We can help you !.
  • Online Marketing
    Our online marketing solution includes SEM (Search Engine Marketing) achieve top ranking on paid searches and advertising space. This is different to Search Engine Optimizatino where position is achieved via organic searches. SEM involves keyword bidding and provides a huge traffic burst when needed. (such as Overture and Addwords). Our Online markting services also include Opt email marketing, blog marketing, and banner advertising.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Want your website to receive a whole lot of visitors by ranking top 10 on the Search Engines in, and keywords searches?. The rules of this search engine game change constantly. A full time effort is required to stay abreast of developments and changes, and only a specialist from an SEO company will have the expertise
  • 2D Animation for web (and also for TV Broadcasting)
    Whether it’s developing cartoon animation movies, commercials, or animations for the web page (flash animation, 2D animation,funny flash animation, flash animation movie, flash cartoon animation, flash we have the expertise to get the job done on time, within budget and beyond your expectations

restricted to these, call today for more information!